Diamond Watches

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Diamond WatchesOne of the most popular and coveted gemstones in today’s jewelry industry is the diamond, a brilliant, near indestructible stone. Diamonds have been used to adorn jewelry and for other ornamental purposes since Antiquity. The reason diamonds are so desired in jewelry is that they exhibit a marvelous sparkle under the form of high dispersion of light and they are the hardest element found on Earth – the jewelry made from such stones is extremely resilient against scratching, cracking or denting.

Diamonds are measured and certified based on four characteristics: carat, cut, color and clarity. Although these are the main determinant factors of the price of a diamond, the presence or absence of fluorescence also affects the value of the gemstone. The carat weight is a measurement of the mass of a diamond, with one carat being the equivalent of 200 milligrams. Considering all other characteristics identical, the price per carat will increase with carat weight, because larger diamonds are more coveted by jewelers, collectors and consumers alike, and are obviously rarer than smaller stones.

A natural diamond usually presents with internal flaws, referred to as inclusions. The number and visibility of these inclusions will affect the clarity rating of the diamond. Such inclusions appear under the form of foreign crystals or as structural defects like small internal fissures. Nowadays, only a small percentage of the diamonds mined worldwide are considered suitable for use in jewelry. Diamonds of all colors can be naturally found, but the colorless ones are considered of the highest quality, and for good reasons: first, the lack of color means the stone is chemically pure and structurally flawless; second, such a diamond best reflects light and has the most dazzling sparkle among all other diamonds.

The final major characteristic of a diamond is the cut. This describes the style in which the stone has been shaped and polished while in the jeweler’s hands. When evaluated, the cut of a diamond refers to the quality of the craftsmanship involved and the angles exhibited by the stone. Diamonds are extremely versatile stones. Besides their use in industrial applications, the diamonds are obviously used to adorn jewelry. Although the most popular use of diamonds as jewel pieces is in engagement rings, nowadays the stone is quite frequently set on watches, especially on those for men.

A diamond watch is the expression of luxury, and has been the elite timepiece ever since the first watches were manufactured. Although some men might frown upon the thought of decorating a watch with diamonds, wearing a diamond-engraved timepiece does not necessarily have to be distasteful. If the right design is used, the diamond decoration of a watch will express elegance and at the same time, power and authority. A diamond watch will not only contain the highest quality materials, making it an excellent time instrument, but should also reflect the wearer’s personality, taste and overall preferences. Also, keep in mind that diamond watches will most likely be more precise than their sport or casual counterparts.

Diamond watches for men and women can be found in an endless variety of flexible designs and novel styles, but the most important aspect to look for in such a watch is the quality and characteristics of the diamonds. The amount and size of the diamonds that are embedded into a diamond watch will be the main determinant of the final price of the timepiece. You will find watches with designs that incorporate small diamonds either on the face, set on the dial or on the bezel, or all over the visible surface of the watch. Conversely, larger diamonds can be crafted onto the surface of the watch, but they will most likely raise the price significantly, as they are rarer and more valuable.

When it comes to choosing a diamond watch, you should always seek a flawless timepiece, no matter whether it is for yourself or intended as a gift. A diamond watch is a considerable investment, so no defect is acceptable. Obviously, it is extremely important that the aspect of the watch appeals to you entirely and will blend in with the attire and overall image of a man and in particular, fit in with the personality of the man for whom you are buying it. In addition, you should feel comfortable wearing the watch.

As said above, a diamond watch is a considerable investment. Do not delude yourself into thinking you can find any quality diamond watches under the 1000 USD mark. If you do find one for such a low price, then be wary that either the diamonds are fakes, or the watch has a considerable defect that the seller tries to conceal. The average price for a man’s diamond watch is between 2000 and 3000 USD, while some high-end designs can run up to 5000 or 6000 USD.

As final thoughts, it can be concluded that a diamond watch is a fashionable, exquisite choice for men. A diamond timepiece should express elegance and command authority, so be careful when you choose its design. If you do not rush the decisional process, you will certainly find the perfect diamond watch that will brilliantly shine on your wrist and beautifully complement the rest of your outfit.