Diamond Watches

watchTAG Heuer watches have been known for their precision and dependability since their early beginnings back in 1860. The reason TAG Heuer watches are so dependable is because of the quality materials used to build them. In fact, many watch enthusiasts consider this brand of watches to be one of the best values available in the luxury watch market. Granted, TAG Heuer watches can become very expensive to the common folks but they still pale in price when compared to other luxury watches such as Rolex.

Tau Heuer watches’ dependability and the ability to withstand the test of time come from using quality materials. When discussing luxury watches, these quality materials come in the form of leather, alligator skin, pearl, lume and stainless steel to name just a few. TAG Heuer watches are made using all of these materials and many more coveted materials such as sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is used on the face of all TAG Heuer watches. The choice of sapphire crystal is mainly due to the fact that it is such a good shield that the face is almost impossible to scratch. This will definitely keep your investment looking great for many years to come.

Another quality material that is used often – quite creatively – in TAG Heuer watches is lume. This material allows the watch to be easily visible at night. Most of the white face dials on TAG Heuer watches are constructed using lume. This makes the watch glow at night so you can easily tell the time. Lume is also used around the bezel and for the numbers on darker colored dials. However, in the higher end TAG Heuer models, the white face dial may actually be made from real pearl. The Grand Carrera is one such model and also comes with a beautiful alligator strap.

Choosing the right TAG Heuer watch model
For most looking to purchase a TAG Heuer watch or any luxury watch for that matter, price is usually the first issue that needs to be addressed. Your budget will determine the “class” of the luxury watch you are looking to purchase. This is where TAG Heuer watches really shine in the price department. Although you can easily spend over $7000 for a high end TAG Heuer model, you can also get high quality entry level models around the $700 mark. TAG Heuer watches are often compared to the luxury watch brands such as Movado, Rolex and Bertleing. However for fairness, you will also need to take into consideration such things as material used for the band, the bezel and the type of movement the watch utilizes in order to perform a good comparison across brands.

When researching and comparing luxury watches, the movement of the timepiece is usually a selling point. Quartz movement is one of the most popular types used in all watches. Quartz is dependable, but not always considered high end or luxurious. However, TAG Heuer is considered the leader in quartz movement. The more expensive TAG Heuer watches use a unique movement system and some are even automatic. A cool feature of these higher end models is the back of the case will normally be clear so you can actually see the gears working. In fact, one of the TAG Heuer watch models even uses a belt system which employs the world’s smallest belts to keep the most accurate time imaginable right on your wrist. Talk about a conversation starter; a watch that uses belts!

All in all, TAG Heuer watches are one of the best valued items for watch collection enthusiasts. Quality usually doesn’t come cheap but TAG Heuer certainly made their watches come affordable to young executives while providing a status symbol nonetheless. In addition, the TAG Heuer watches are available in various models and designs to suit both the men and women alike. If you looking for a quality, durable and a classy timepiece you can be proud to own, you should definitely consider purchasing a TAG Heuer watch today.